Audience Feedback

“Wonderful event! Congratulations! The Inaugural Sino-American Culture & Performance Extravaganza was a delightful night of entertainment. The proficiency of each artist was excellent and the program included cultural exploration. It is unusual to experience the sound of a harpsichord, bagpipes, singing and dancing all in one program that culminated with the thrilling feats of a fire dancer.
This event was the most memorable and had more top-notch talented performers than any event I ever attended! The variety was amazing. All the vocalists were … inspiring and unforgettable. The dancers added cultural variety and their costumes were wonderful. The Fire-knife dancer was a truly powerful climax! I was enthralled, entranced, fascinated, and inspired with this once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.”

-Diane Bordinaro

“I certainly will be back next year and recommend this program to others. I hope to see it become a tradition in the Ogden area for many years to come!”

-Sharee Dickey

“Sean Steiner was phenomenal.”

-Melanie Chavez

“I was pleasantly surprised … as they were all exceptional and a joy to watch and listen to. Part of what made it such a pleasure was the diversity. I hope that I will get the opportunity to attend future events like this.”

 -Scott Law

“Congrats on a magical night!! Your playing was sublime. Just amazing as always. Your playing was truly the highlight. I’m glad it was so well attended too.”

-Craig Steiner

“We loved the show. Thanks!”

-Bonnie Wahlen

“Marvelous concert! … So beautiful!”

-Margaret Caulford 

“We had the best evening! What a wonderful program. We feel culturally fed. Such a great group of young talent we admired.”

-Gil & Sherrie Craig

“WOW!!! [This] program was amazing! So many talented people! [We] thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

 -Linda DeYoung

“We enjoyed the evening we spent honoring the Chinese people who helped to build the railroad into Utah. The talented young people were amazing and we enjoyed Sean’s amazing talents and all of the others that shared their talents! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful evening with us!”

-Sheila Argyle

“Attending the . . . Extravaganza was very rewarding. I was amazed at the variety and the quality of the talent presented that I would not have experienced without the unique organization of this concert. Thanks for the opportunity.”

-Don Pearson

“Truly a memorable and magical evening for all. The evening flew by like a pleasant summer breeze! Very well organized and professionally presented!”

-Alisa Gunn

“Speaking as one who doesn’t attend fine arts concerts on a regular basis, I was very impressed with the level of talent on display. The performances were very professional, inspirational, and uplifting. My favorite numbers were the violinist and the producer/pianist, Sean Steiner. These two artists were exceptional and so enjoyable to listen to. It is admirable to understand the purpose of the concert, as a gift to the people of Ogden, which was given in appreciation for the many contributions of Ogden’s early Chinese immigrants in the building of our railroad. I look forward to attending next year.”

-Brad Call

2023 Performers at Curtain Call