Past Winners

2022 Competition Winners

Concerto, Chamber, and Ensemble Winners

1st Place Chamber Winners:
Ian Larsen, Brinton Bishop, Spencer Meier, Charlee Crump

Elementary Concerto Winners:
1st Place-Maxwell Ji
2nd Place-Frederick Pau
3rd Place Crystal Jiang

Junior Concerto Winner:
1st Place-Christina Sung

Senior Concerto Winner:
1st Place-Ella Larsen

Ensemble Winner:
1st Place-Victor Young & Forest Young

Pictured Left to Right: Back-Charlee Crump, Ian Larsen, Spencer Meier, Brenton Belnap, Christina Sung, Ella Larsen, Victor Young, Forest Young; Front L to R: Crystal Jiang, Maxwell Ji, Frederick Pau

Young Elementary Solo Division Winners:

1st Place-Lydia Sheranian
2nd Place-Maxwell Ji
3rd Place-Adelaide Howell
Honorable Mention-Sabrina Howell,
Honorable Mention-Katherine Gao

Pictured Left to Right: Maxwell Ji, Sabrina Howell,
Katherine Gao, Adelaide Howell, Lydia Sheranian

Young Elementary Solo division winners. 1st Place-Lydia Sheranian, 2nd Place-Maxwell Ji, 3rd Place-Adelaide Howell, Honorable Mention-Sabrina Howell, Honorable Mention-Katherine Gao

Elementary Solo Division Winners:

1st Place-Mason Lui
2nd Place-Edward Pan
3rd Place-Frederick Pau
Honorable Mention-Allison Lui
Honorable Mention-Brooklyn Lee
Honorable Mention-Zachary Carnett

Pictured Left to Right: Allison Lui, Brooklyn Lee, Frederick Pau, Edward Pan, Mason Lui; Unpictured-Zachary Carnett

Junior Solo Division Winners:

1st-Nathan Belnap
2nd-Christina Sung
3rd-Jovan Crockett
Honorable Mention-Serena Hilton
Honorable Mention-Emily Leung
Honorable Mention-Emily Yang
Honorable Mention-Jinlin Cai

Pictured Left to Right: Christina Sung, Jovan Crockett, Serena Hilton, Jinlin Cai, Emily Leung, Emily Yang, Nathan Belnap.

Junior Division winners 1st Nathan Belnap, 2nds Christina Sung, 3rd-Jovan Crockett, Honorable Mentions: Serena Hilton, Emily Leung, Emily Yang, Jinlin Cai
Senior Division Winners: 1st-Cedar McDonald, 2nd-Shane Grover, 3rd-Nina Harris, Honorable Mention-Emeline Howell

Senior Solo Division Winners:

1st-Cedar McDonald
2nd-Shane Grover
3rd-Nina Harris
Honorable Mention-Emeline Howell

Pictured Left to Right: Emeline Howell, Nina Harris, Shane Grover, Cedar McDonald